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The Journey of a File

Larger accounting firms tend to add lots of time to their files through inefficiencies. Usually a junior accountant is responsible to complete your file. The senior accountant reviews the file. The file then goes to the manager for review. The manager reviews the file and gives it back to the senior, who takes a look and gives it back to the junior to fix. The file then goes back to the senior who gives it back to the manager. Once the manager has cleared all his/her queries, it finally goes to the partner. YOU GET THE POINT! Bigger firms are great, they are filled with very seasoned professionals, but there are costs involved in having a “team” prepare your file. Generally,


We bypass this journey. We are hands on with all our clients. We are able to answer questions about your file without having to double check the answers with anyone.

As your accountant in Saskatoon, we would like to let you know what our fees are up front. Because we can generally predict the amount of work involved, we have summarized our services with a few “packages” that you can choose from when deciding what level of service you would like. After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a fixed fee that includes all the services listed in each of the packages below. We’ll choose the best bundle of services for your needs.

Corporate Personal
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Nickel

GST/HST returns prepared


Financial Statements for your corporation with a Notice to Reader report attached.


Corporate Income Tax returns - both federal and provincial.


T4's prepared


Bookkeeping for the year (usually prepared annually - 1 page bank statements)


Unlimited phone calls during the year to ask for our advice or just to say hi!


Personal tax returns (up to two basic returns)


Personal tax return for a sole-proprietorship


Personal tax return including employment expenses


Price starts at: $1,899.99

Price starts at: $1,299.99

Price starts at: $999.99

Price starts at: $219.99 + gst/pst

Price starts at: $99.99 + gst/pst

Note: There is an additional $30 administrative fee.

Note: There is an additional $10 administrative fee.